Tribal Remix is an annual Tribal Fusion Belly Dance festival in London, UK. Each year we aim to bring quality teachers to the festival as well as bring high standard theatre showcases.

Tribal Remix VI

26 - 29 May 2017 - London

Kami Liddle (US)
Samantha Emanuel (UK/France)
Silvia Salamanca (Spain/US)
Hilde Cannoodt (Belgium/UK)
Dominika Suchecka (Poland)
Inga Petermann (Germany)
Agata Zakrzewska (Poland)

Promo videos of past Tribal Remix festivals:

Tribal Remix Promo 2013 - Mardi Love, Tjarda Van Straten, Mirjam Sutter, Valerie Romanin, Hilde Cannoodt

Tribal Remix Promo 2014 - Sera Solstice, Anasma, Rustiqua, Violet Scrap, Doriana Rossi, Idhun

Tribal Remix is an annual Tribal Fusion Belly Dance festival based in London, UK. Now in its 6th year, Tribal Remix has hosted some of the best performers and teachers in their field, including Rachel Brice, Sharon Kihara, Mardi Love, Mirjam Sutter, Valerie Romanin, Donna Mejia, Unmata, Samantha Emanuel, Sera Solstice, Anasma, Violet Scrap, Tjarda Van Straten, Susan Frankovich, Rustiqua, Jill Parker, Piny Orchidaceae, Josefine Wandel, Hilton Lijun and many more...

Each year we provide a range of quality workshops as well as teachers showcase, students showcase, live music after party (past performances by Chaos Carousel, The Swing Ninjas, Top Shelf Jazz and Electric Nomad) as well as plenty of other activities for students and teachers to connect with each other outside of the class setting.