Accommodation in Brighton

Brighton is a popular town and hotel rooms are not cheap, however, if you book plenty of time in advance you will most certainly find some good deals. Alternatively, you might be better off renting a room through a host or finding an apartment to share with other dancers. Using the Facebook Tribal Remix group might help getting a group of dancers together to book accommodation.

Where to stay? Brighton isn't a huge place so you're probably alright to stay pretty much anywhere central if you prefer to be in town. Marina Village is a little outside the town centre, about 40 minutes walk from the centre of Brighton. If you prefer to be more central, as long as you're near a busstop (7 bus) you should be alright. Otherwise I suggest to stay in Marina Village. But either way, it won't cost a whole lot to order a taxi each day to and from the workshop venue, especially if you're sharing with other dancers.


Many people in London hire their accommodation through airbnb, it's a great alternative to hotels because you get to have your own kitchen and get to share with other workshop participants. I suggest to use the Facebook Tribal Remix participants group you should have been invited to. (please email at if you haven't received this invitation)


If you do wish to book a hotel or hostel, have a look at the following websites: