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On Friday 26th May 2017 we have 3 guest teachers as part of Tribal Remix extra teachers. Their workshops can be booked as an add on to the intensive or as an individual booking. Our teachers are: Agata Zakrzewska, Dominika Suchecka and Inga Petermann

Friday 27th May 2017 - Extra Tribal Remix Teachers

On Friday 27th May 2017 we have 3 extra workshops that can be booked either individually or as an add on to the Tribal Remix 2017 Intensive. Find out which workshops Inga, Dominika and Agata will be teaching.

Inga Petermann

Inga is a passionate dancer based near Hannover. She fell in love with Tribal Fusion Bellydance at a young age and since then she’s trying to learn as much as possible from other dancers to improve her dance technique and teaching methods. To pass on her knowledge to her students even better she decided to start going to a school for gymnastic teachers to learn more about dance, anatomy and health. Furthermore she gained experience through national and international performances, won the people’s choice “Tribal Star Award“ at the Tribal Festival Hannover 2012 and is a group member of Deb Rubin’s “Project Merkaba” since 2013.

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Dominika Suchecka

Dominika Suchecka is a well known Polish bellydance performer and teacher, one of Tribal Fusion Style forerunners in Poland and big classical oriental dance passionate at the same time.

She has taught oriental dance since 2004 in one of the biggest dance studios in Warsaw. In 2011 she completed Certified Academic Teachers Training in Tanzakademie Cifuentes with highest possible note and now she is a member of the international oriental dance group CATT-Company directed by Horacio and Beata Cifuentes. In 2012 she won first place at Nova Orient Festival (the biggest Polish Bellydance Contest) in Oriental Professional Category and Tribal Fusion Solo Professional Category. She also won first prizes for Oriental Professional and Tribal Fusion Solo at the one of the biggest oriental dance festivals in Europe – Oriental Fantasy Festival 2012 in Berlin.

Today she performs and gives workshops in other Polish cities and abroad. Apart from performing solo and with the CATT-Company Dominika also dance together with her partner Kasia Wronka in Tribal and Bellydance duo called Bellycious. Dominika is a very active member of bellydance community in Warsaw and her goal is to promote this incredible form of art which is Tribal and Oriental Dance

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Agata Zakrzewska

Agata Zakrzewska is an award-winning dancer, choreographer and instructor of ATS®, tribal fusion and oriental dance. She is a FatChanceBellydance® Sister Studio, certified ATS® teacher. A graduate of the prestigious CATT instructor course in Berlin, a member of the international group CATT Company. She was the first teacher in Warsaw who taught ATS® FCBD® style – her work contributed to the popularization of ATS® in Warsaw and to the emergence of new groups of dancers. Agata teaches and performs in Poland and abroad (Berlin, Hannover). She completed her bachelor's degree in choreography at the Academy of Music in Lodz. She co-founded groups: Flames of Bellydance and The Siren Society.

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