extra workshops descriptions

Find out what our extra Tribal Remix 2017 teachers will be teaching on Friday 26th May 2017

Extra Workshop Descriptions

10am - 12pm: Inga Petermann: Serious Panda Moves

Tribal Fusion drills and combinations

‘Those are some serious panda moves you have there.’  Dawn O’Brien

These moves are what Inga (aka The Panda) wants to share with you - Inga's latest work including Tribal Fusion drills and combinations in her own individual style. After a short yet powerful warm up utilizing her fitness education and using specific exercises to activate all the muscles needed for this exciting workshop, be prepared to have fun with the thing you love the most: dance!

We will end the class with safe, effective and relaxing stretches.

Fee for individual bookings: £25 - CODE: INGA

12.30pm - 2.30pm: Dominika Suchecka: Dance to express not to impress

During this workshop Dominika will share some useful techniques and ideas aiming to help tribal fusion dancers express emotions with dance and move not only the eyes but also the hearts of the audience. As a true oriental dance passionate and one of tribal fusion forerunners in Poland, as well as a person travelling to Cairo on a regular basis to learn oriental dance in its most authentic form, Dominika proposes a new approach to tribal fusion and how to bring it back to its roots. The goal during the workshop will be to incorporate some ready-to-use movements, concepts and exercises to tribal fusion, making it even more multidimensional and expressive, yet still preserving its tribal stylization.

Fee for individual bookings: £25 - CODE: DOMINIKA

3pm - 5pm: Agata Zakrzewska: Trance-fusion

The zar ritual is a Middle-Eastern tradition based on experiencing a trance through movement. There are a few common misconceptions about it, which we will clarify during a short theoretical introduction. We will also talk about possible interpretations and societal functions of this tradition. What can we discover when we combine tribal bellydance with our personal interpretation of the zar ritual? The idea behind this workshop is to get inspired by the zar and to find some common ground between this tradition and the philosophy of “sisterhood” and group cooperation in tribal bellydance. The power of community and support of a group is what gives us safe environment to be free in our dance, to be transformed and to grow. The workshop will consist of several improvisation and trance exercises, plus a few tribal fusion combos inspired by the zar. The idea is based on Agata’s choreography “Trance-fusion”, which was her bachelor’s diploma, and her research and experiences she had with her group while preparing it. Hair-tossing will not be required, class is suitable to any level of fitness. Wear something comfy, with layers.

Fee for individual bookings: £25 - CODE: AGATA


Mercury Studio @ Rambert Studios
99, Upper Ground
SE1 9PP (map)

nearest tube: Waterloo Station (this station is on the Northern Line. To get to the Friday evening theatre there's a direct connection. Take the Northern Line towards High Barnet and get off at Highgate to get to Jackson Lane)

Bookings and fees

Bookings for individual workshops will open on the 31st of January at 8pm GMT.

Individual extra workshops are £25/class

Please note that we have a no refund policy unless workshops are sold out and we manage to sell your space to someone else.