Tribal Remix Salon & Chaos Carousel

Sunday 27th May 2018

Tribal Remix Salon poster.jpg

Tribal Remix Salon

come watch our tribal remix participants perform at the last ever edition of Tribal Remix Salon. We have performers from all over the world that will be dancing for us.

doors: 7pm - show: 7.30pm - SOLD OUT! still tickets for Chaos Carousel, check link below...
tickets salon : £4

please note that people that wish to come to both salon and after party must buy a salon ticket through the website and an afterparty ticket through the Fringe website. Both links are below!

Tickets are non refundable. Please note a £0.50 PP fee has been added to the link below.




Chaos Carousel afterparty

Live Greek and Turkish music with mesmerising bellydance performances! Chaos Carousel is reuniting for one last time... don't miss it!

doors: 9.15pm - show: 9.30pm
tickets: £11 (conc)/£12 (link below)

Please note that tickets for Chaos Carousel afterparty MUST be purchased through the Brighton Fringe box Office.

Place To Be

The Latest Music Bar
11-14, Manchester Street