About Tribal Remix

Tribal Remix Festival

Founded by Hilde Cannoodt in 2012, Tribal Remix was originally based in Brighton, UK. In 2016, for its 5th edition, Tribal Remix moved to London, one of the most culturally vibrant, diverse and interesting cities in the world. Tribal Remix celebrates the art of Tribal Fusion belly dance, a dance style originating from San Francisco, US. In 2018 Tribal Remix had its 7th and last edition. For this Hilde has decided to move the festival back to its hometown in Brighton. Hilde's aim for the Tribal Remix festival is to bring Tribal Fusion dancers together from Brighton, London, the UK and abroad. Tribal Remix is not only a dance event, it's an event that gives people the opportunity to connect.

About Tribal Fusion

With its roots in ATS® and American Cabaret, Tribal Fusion Belly dance is a hybrid dance style originated from San Francisco. Eclectically combining elements of street dance, flamenco and contemporary dance, Tribal Fusion is a constantly evolving art form.

Some of the pioneers of this dance form: Jill Parker (taught at Tribal Remix 2015), Rachel Brice (teaching at Tribal Remix 2016), Mardi Love (taught at Tribal Remix 2013 and is back for 2016), Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle (teaching at Tribal Remix 2017), Amy Sigil from Unmata (taught in Brighton in 2009 and 2011), Samantha Emanuel (teaching at Tribal Remix 2017), Ashley Lopez, Sharon Kihara (taught at Tribal Remix 2012) and many others.

Tribal Remix Team

Hilde Cannoodt

Hilde is the founder and main organiser of the Tribal Remix Festival. Originally from Belgium, she moved to the UK in 2004. She has been dancing for over 20 years and during that period she has studied flamenco, ATS®, contemporary dance, ballet, jazz, street dance, Classical Indian dance, tribal fusion and Egyptian dance. She's been part of the Tribal Fusion community for nearly 15 years and every year she tries to cater to the needs of the community, bringing the best teachers in this art form from around the globe.

She created the Tribal Remix Festival to create a place where people that share the same passion can come together and learn, connect and be inspired.

Charlotte Wassell



Charlotte has worked with Hilde since 2009, teaching American Tribal Style® and Tribal Fusion belly dance. She co-produces Brighton showcase Tribal Cafe and has been on the Tribal Remix festival team since 2015. Charlotte also manages Performing Arts tours for schools - planning and operating trips for young dancers and actors to train in Europe and the USA and organising a dance competition in Disneyland® Paris!


Sophie Enever

Sophie has been working with Hilde since 2013 when she was involved in arts events in Brighton. She's been a member of the Tribal Remix team since 2015, assisting with administration and marketing as well as front of house. She enjoys looking out for teachers, performers and students during the festival, and values the opportunity to connect with other dancers from all over the world. 

Having recently started a career in English teaching, she returns regularly to Brighton and London to learn and perform with the Masmoudi student troupe.

Elise Phillips

Elise is a Producer, Community Dance Artist and dancer. She has a background managing projects in a range of sectors (including the arts, education, technological innovation and corporate) since 2002 and has been producing and event managing in dance contexts since 2009. Previous clients include: Vincent Dance Theatre, Stopgap Dance Company, The Hiccup Project and Brighton Dance Network.

Elise holds a Postgraduate Diploma Community Dance (Laban Conservatoire of Dance) and BA (Hons) Psychology (University of Sussex). She was recently selected for: South East Dance Producer Development Scheme (2015/16) and New Adventures / Re:Bourne Community Dance Artist Development Scheme, Overture (2016/17).

Elise has worked as a dance artist in community settings since 2010 and has been dancing and performing all her life. She discovered Tribal Fusion in 2008 and is continually developing her practise as a fusion artist, integrating her training in contemporary dance, choreography and tribal fusion. She is pleased to be able to contribute to the Tribal Remix 2017 festival.