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Anna Kemper - Modern vintage

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Tribal Remix Presents Migrations.jpg

Anna Kemper - Modern vintage


Friday 25th May 2018

12pm - 2pm: Anna Kemper: Modern vintage : jamila Salimpour format for the 21st century
Focusing on the more earthy, rooted elements of the jamila Salimpour format, this masterclass deconstructs classic retro movements and lines and works them back together into fresh combinations and drills for the modern dancer. Explore complex and syncopated finger cymbal patterns based on the foundational patterns that jamila developed over 60 years ago.  Nothing is static, everything evolves and develops as history writes and rewrites itself but if the root is strong, the branches and leaves become even more beautiful and powerful as the years progress. This masterclass aims at strengthening our dance foundation and bringing new life and a fresh perspective to a classic style of american Bellydance.

level: open
booking code: ANNA
fee: £25

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