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Jill Parker - Tribal As Folk (level 2)

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Jill Parker - Tribal As Folk (level 2)


Saturday 26th May 2018

level 2

1pm - 3pm Jill Parker: Tribal as Folk (Level 2)
This workshop has never been offered and was created for this specifically for Tribal Remix! In Tribal as Folk, Jill will be drawing from the deep archives of movement and unique insights gained from 30 years of studying and creating art in San Francisco, the heart of the Tribal Belly Dance movement, also know as Tribal Town. Jill will teach steps and vocabulary that she has gathered over the years from colleagues and teachers such as Aisha Ali, Carolena Nerricio of FCBD, John Compton and Rebaba of Hahbi Ru, Katarina Burda of Aywah, Malia De Felice, Jamila Salimpour of Balanat, and Maria Hamer, Christine Hamer and Olivia Kissel of (the now defunct) Zafira Dance Company...

She will also be teaching her unique highly stylized versions of this vocabulary. This class will be a part hard hitting dance drills, part history lesson, and part contextualization of "tribal steps" within a wider frame of the legacy of this dance. This class is designed to lend a deeper insight into the lineage of the dance and the legacy Jill Parker helped create.  Many European dancers have never been exposed to the various links, shared influences and lineage of Tribal Fusion. Many have perhaps never travelled to the US to study there and contextualize this form. Jill aims to bring this information to you in an easy to understand and useable format. Jill will be offering both level one and level two version of this workshop. Each will stand alone or work well together.
level: intermediate/advanced
booking code: JILL2
fee: £35

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