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Tjarda Van Straten - How Shall I Phrase That?


Tjarda Van Straten - How Shall I Phrase That?


Sunday 27th May 2018

Level 2

11.15am - 1.15pm Tjarda Van Straten: How Shall I Phrase That?
In speaking, we can pronounce a sentence in so many ways, and the effect on the listener can range from disinterested to deeply moved. The difference? Projecting the voice or retreating it, increase the distance between higher and lower notes, letting the voice ring in the room, pausing or speeding words up, adding cadence in the sentences. This way, a funny story to friends sounds completely different from a fairytale for kids. With dance we can do exactly the same and this workshop teaches you how. Combining elements from the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies with clear exercises, every routine you ever have done and will make from now on, can be maximized for emotive effect. Deepen your dance!
level: intermediate/advanced
booking code: TJARDA4
fee: £35

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