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Tjarda Van Straten - Moving MOveMENTs


Tjarda Van Straten - Moving MOveMENTs


Monday 28th May 2018

Level 2

1pm - 3pm Tjarda Van Straten: Moving MOveMENTs
Ready to take your skill to a deeper level? Blocked by habits or even stuck in a rut? Then it's time for some fresh perspectives to break through, reach your audience further than ever before! It is amazing what a few hours can do for your movement profile – a wider horizon opens up without losing what makes your approach and your body unique. Combining Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement concepts with Tjarda's own flair, this workshop is all about a few useful tools plus experimentation. Experimentation with a clear purpose: learning to articulate more clearly and make instinctive decisions. We will learn one of Tjarda's signature style movement sequences to reaffirm some of the ideas discovered in this workshop. Keywords: intention, body language, authenticity. Increase your possibilities without getting lost, increase your power without being overwhelmed. Grow!
level: intermediate/advanced
booking code: TJARDA6
fee: £35

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