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Tjarda Van Straten - The Breath Of Dance


Tjarda Van Straten - The Breath Of Dance


Saturday 26th May 2018

Level 2

3.15 - 5.15pm Tjarda Van Straten:  The Breath of Dance
Breath, like dance, is movement. And movement is life: no movement no life, no life no dance. This workshop is all about the breath and how it's there to support us. But it can do even more. When you learn how the breath can influence any movement, you can creatively use it to increase the effect of your expression and to deepen the sensation of the movement. Breath is the most vital exchange between the inner and outer world – how can you manage this exchange to the point where you breathe freely without exhaling control? Tjarda has put her extensive experience into this eye opening workshop, enabling her to help anyone to get in touch with their breath. A completely new dimension opens up. For life!
level: intermediate/advanced
booking code: TJARDA2
fee: £35

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